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Fall 2023

The change in temperatures and the beautiful fall colors has most everyone excited about the season ahead. Soon we'll be turning back the clocks and settling in earlier fireside and/or with a warm drink in hand. As the frantic pace of summer wanes, and you adjust to the new season, perhaps consider a visit to San Diego Wine Country. Whether it be Cordon Bleu dining, Award Winning wining, or World Class hiking, there's so much to do and explore here in Ramona. Won't you come visit?! We're here to offer all things guidance. 

CHEERS,      Explore Ramona Staff

Our Story...

Our why...

We made a wrong turn one day, ended up in Ramona, and we've been here ever since. We want to share this beautiful area with you. And your travels here can be much like anything else in life. "Close, but no cigar" won't suffice. And "that'll do" will never do. You could have an "okay" experience out here leaving the city for a day, but we'd prefer to offer a few suggestions that might just point your travels a bit more towards epic. Settle in and follow along...



Have you ever experienced World Class Rock Climbing? Well you don't have to travel far. Just 45mins from San Diego, there's several mountains to consider!


Fun Fact: Prior to prohibition, there were more wine grapes grown in San Diego County than any county in America. Come taste some delicious Award Winning wines!


You've heard of "farm to table," right? Well here in Ramona the farm is literally next door. And the table is nearby too! Click here to view a few of our favorite spots.